My name is Jen and I am so happy that you are here. I write because it helps me to cope and I share with others because I believe we are all the same on some level. We all love and hate, laugh and cry, feel like an outcast and wish things could be a bit easier. Please feel free to join in and comment on anything I left here for you to read.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey and I am even happier that you are a part of mine. ♥


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The sound of the shore soothes my soul
It communicates with me in words that cannot be heard
The constant flow reminds me that all life moves forward
Forever changing
Like the sands that get drawn out to sea
We must learn to flow with the tide

The smooth grains of sand make their way between my toes
The warm salt air blows my hair into a mess of curls
The foamy waves break on the shore like a drum

The feel
The taste
The rhythm
All combines into what can only be described as … Mother Earth’s heartbeat

It brings me to a place
Where peace abounds
It surrounds me like a shroud
Covering my entire being

With it comes wisdom
That can only be obtained
From stillness
From listening to nothing
Yet hearing

A journey deep within
That is indescribable
Breathe flows with ease
Knowledge comes in waves

That there is nothing else but this moment …

Love on my friends ♥♥♥

Jen Helvie – ’16

brick wall

This is one of the first prose poems that I ever wrote. Funny how it seems to be a theme in my writing, even back then… growth and loving yourself enough.  ♥

Her heart is blockedA sturdy brick wall has been builtIn the center of her soulIt surrounds her heart ... to keep it safeNo one gets to knock it downNo one gets in ... no one


Her mind wanders
Waiting for answers

The ones that never seem to come
The ones that she chooses not to hear
The thoughts inside her head that she will not let out

Her heart is blocked

A sturdy brick wall has been built
In the center of her soul
It surrounds her heart … to keep it safe

No one gets to knock it down
No one gets in … no one

Being strong
Standing tall
It’s all part of the game that she plays

She is strong
Like a brick wall

Just like the one she has built to house her tender heart

She has so much to be thankful for
So much to be happy with
Yet happiness seems to elude her

Right there
Within her reach
But yet too far away to grab a hold of

Always looking for joy everywhere
Except inside

Her foundation not wavering

It has held up through all the bullshit of this year
All of the
“I am ok”, “I am fine”, “it’s all good”
“No worries”

Her foundation needs to come down
To be cracked open
So that she can see her light

She knows this now
Yet she does not want to let go

The pain is going be overwhelming
She knows the sobs will rack her body
The breath will not come
The tears will leave their mark on her cheeks
She does not want to let go

Because this is her familiar
Where she is comfortable

Yet the change must come

She must grow
She must let go of things that no longer serve her

She knows there will be relief
She knows there will be happiness
She knows there will be joy and comfort

Once she lets all this bullshit go
Once she faces herself
Once she knocks down the brick wall to her heart

She will be able to see
She will be able to understand
She will be able… ♥♥♥

©Jen Helvie – 2013